Tricon Corporate Office Inaugural Ceremony

Success is now becoming synonymous to Highnoon. Over the years Highnoon has been the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in Pakistan, achieving remarkable milestones and from here onto bigger and better prospects.

It gives us immense pride to announce that Highnoon Laboratories Ltd. inaugurated its brand-new corporate office situated at Tricon Corporate Centre Jail road, Lahore.

Located in the heart of the city, Tricon Corporate Centre is an 18-storey skyscraper, the first building of its kind in Lahore. It enjoys the unique distinction of being the first AAA corporate office building in Pakistan, designed to host and house the top corporate organizations of the country.

The inaugural ceremony was honoured by one of our founding members Mr. G. H. Khan (Sponsored Director), along with the family of our late chairman Mr. Jawaid Tariq Khan, Dr. Adeel (CEO – Highnoon), and leadership team of Highnoon on 20th January 2021.
Here’s to new and prosperous opportunities!