It is our mission to ensure that the equipment or machinery employed in the production process of high-quality medicine is of topmost quality. Our production plant comprises state-of-the-art equipment from UK, USA, Germany, France, Italy and China. The production facilities are continuously upgraded and improved to keep pace with technological changes and Good Manufacturing Practices.

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Our Staff

All resources at Highnoon are highly qualified and skilled. Our staff is fully cognizant of recent developments in pharmaceutical technology. All manufacturing operations strictly adhere to specific procedures that assure the highest standards of quality in manufacturing. The company keeps on introducing novel and innovative manufacturing techniques to stay abreast with the changes and competition.

While maintaining the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) of producing quality medicine, the company constantly endeavours for enhancement and improvement of production facilities to support the product quality.

We continue to work on productivity and yield improvement in manufacturing operations to successfully meet the increasing market demand.

Quality Operations

Quality Organization in Highnoon is bringing the Quality Mission to life in areas of the business engaged in the manufacturing and supply of products. Our core aim is to deliver world-class performance and products to customers, hence fulfilling Highnoon’s mission of improving the lives of people by providing quality medicines.

In this pursuit of excellence, the operations are resourced with competent personnel, the latest equipment, infrastructure, and a defined Quality Management System. This, in turn, is a key to building trust with local and global regulations and a step toward global compliance. All of which means that we operate par excellence. The Quality Department is equipped with modern analytical equipment and Stability Chambers.

The Quality Operations ensure a consistent supply of Quality Products to consumers. All the technical aspects and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) are followed. The Validation, Quality Assurance Stability of Products is maintained to set standards. The Company is ISO 9001-2008 certified and maintains good GMP ratings by various International Agencies and local Regulatory Authorities.

Contract Manufacturing

Many prestigious companies turn to Highnoon for contract manufacturing, including Abbott Laboratories Limited, Biogenics Pakistan Limited, Chiesi Pharmaceuticals Limited, and OBS Pakistan Limited. Highnoon manages its capacity efficiently and caters well to the manufacturing needs. This is yet another indicator of the esteem at which the industry places Highnoon’s manufacturing capability.

Research & Development

Our success depends on a competent and productive R & D function. Being a leading local pharmaceutical company, Highnoon has established an innovative R & D structure that encourages creativity and facilitates the accelerated development of new medicines to meet customer needs.

Our scientists are working hard to discover new ways of treating and preventing diseases. By combining the diversified talents of our R & D employees with leading-edge science resources, we are dedicated to bringing diversified medicines for patients.

Production Capacities

The Company manufactures Solid Dosage Forms including Tablets, Capsules, Pellets Encapsulation, Dry Powder Suspension, and Dry Powder Sachets.

The Facility also supplies Liquids (Syrups & Suspensions and Oral Drops) which have state-of-the-art dedicated Hormonal facilities. The present manufacturing capacities fully cater to the needs of local and export markets.