Our Business

Group of Companies

To bring about consistency and reliability in our work we have based our employee and customer networks on a consistent trust-building process that works on the principle of thorough rechecking and improvements.

Subsidiary Company

Curexa Health Ltd, incorporated in 2015, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Highnoon Laboratories Ltd. It specializes in antibiotics, primarily cephalosporins. Its dedicated, state-of-the-art cGMP manufacturing facility, operating since 2018, produces sterile powder for injections, powder for oral suspensions, and capsules for local and international markets.

Associated Companies

Harnessing the power of nature to support generations of happy and healthy people around the world, Route2Health promotes health and wellbeing through carefully designed nutraceutical products for today’s lifestyle. Being a rapidly expanding brand with a presence in Canada, UAE, and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Lahore, Pakistan, Route2Health is Asia’s 1st USP accredited dietary supplement facility.

Focused on the unique needs of people with respiratory problems, Respiware is committed to providing exceptional quality global products that offer a wide array of treatment options. The dedicated after-sales team ensure that every customer gets the best service possible.

Our Exports

With over 190 products registered in various countries and above 100 products in various stages of registration in 20 countries, our manufacturing plant is approved by many Drug Regulatory Authorities and is capable to go through any level of inspection.

We aim to strengthen multi-level partnerships between developed, developing, and emerging pharmaceutical companies in geographical territories with our presence or interest. Our international business approach is to connect Quality and Efficiency for healthcare products in areas of our presence.

Our presence in international markets exists at various levels, from direct sales to exclusive and shared sales promotion teams, strategic planning desks, promotion through distributors, specific brand distribution in selected territories, contract manufacturing for export, and private label projects where our partners include companies like Abbott, Chiesi, OBS group.

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