DXL belongs to a class of Anti-ulcerant drugs and is a new Class of Proton Pump Inhibitor with a unique and exclusive DDR technology. It is the R-enantiomer of Lansoprazole, which is composed of a racemic mixture of the R- and S-enantiomers. Compared to the older generation of PPIs (which includes Pantoprazole, Omeprazole, and Lansoprazole), Dexlansoprazole has a unique pharmacokinetic profile due to its delayed-release and dual-delivery release system. The active ingredient is released in two phases at different pH values and at different time points, resulting in two peak concentrations in the blood.


Delayed-release Capsules 30mg and 60mg.

Each DXL 30mg capsule contains Dexlansoprazole 30 mg. 

Each DXL 60 mg capsule contains Dexlansoprazole 60mg.


Dexlansoprazole is indicated for healing all grades of erosive esophagitis (EE), maintaining and healing of EE and relief of heartburn, and treating heartburn associated with symptomatic non-erosive gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).


Healing of EE: 60 mg once daily for up to 8 weeks. Maintenance of healed EE: 30 mg once daily for up to 6 months. Symptomatic non-erosive GERD: 30 mg once daily for 4 weeks. Hepatic impairment: Consider 30 mg maximum daily dose for patients with moderate hepatic impairment. DXL can be taken without regard to food. DEXILANT should be swallowed whole. Alternatively, capsules can be opened, sprinkled on one tablespoon of applesauce, and swallowed immediately.


Patients with known hypersensitivity to any component of the formulation.


DXL 30mg: Alu. Alu. Blister pack of 3 X 10’s capsules

DXL 60mg: Alu. Alu. Blister pack of 3 X 10’s capsules

Patients should consult with their physician before taking any medicine.