Ethics & Core Values

Shared Responsibility

The achievement and continuation of an ethical work environment is a shared responsibility among employees, seniors, officials, and directors of the Company, which will be treated as confidential.

Intellectual Honesty

Personal interaction among employees should be characterized by truthfulness, openness to new ideas and consideration for the rights of others. Each member of the team should respect the right of others to freedom of thought, opinion, speech and association.

Personal Conduct

At Highnoon each employee is responsible for avoiding real or apparent conflicts of interests, ensuring that authority is exercised within a framework of accountability and ensuring that information is managed in accordance with relevant statutes. Employee must ensure that the organization’s interests are foremost in all business decisions and shall remove themselves from decision making roles which involve the employee in any personal capacity or which involve friends or family members.


Research carried out by our organization shall be characterized by the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior. Every effort shall be made to ensure that all research data or results of projects or programs sponsored by or under the administrative supervision of organization are represented properly and accurately.